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. >> the rio grand river in south texas, places a hundred feet from water, separates mexico from the u.s. >> it is rough down here. >> and that's putting it lightly. >> almost every single day, the smugglers try and use the river to move drugs, weapons, and people into our homeland. >> the people that we go up against with the drug cartels, they have unlimited moneys. they have unlimited fire power. >> but these new 34-foot boats posting 900 horsepower should help serve as a deter deterent. law enforcement has to be one step ahead of the game. bullet proof shields to fully automatic machine guns that fire off 900 rounds a minute. >> very important for us to be armed. >> they have to be. the united states shares with mexico the vast majority of it is with the lone star state. and the terrain here is unique compared to california, new mexico, or arizona. >> we have 1250 miles of border with mexico. all of which there is water inbetween. and because of the remoteness and the ruggedness of it, they are not able to put fences in places. they are unable to cover the vast remoteness. t
, which comes in at number 10. and houston, texas, takes the top honor, as the coolest city in the country. forbes defiance coolest havingol plentyes of entertainment, green space, sports teams, and, oh, i can't, good jobs. those are -- oh, yeah, those arr very important. and we are a cooler city! >> certainly, and we hope we will continue that trend. we may need to get out, but ver cool list, i'm glad to hear what the definition of cool i agree with we want you to see as we look live, we are rain-free, there could be a spotty shower in the overnight hours. and there could be some fog, but let's get straight to the headlines so you can see what we're expecting heading into the workweek. tuesday's fog to be a lot likelo -- goingt to be a lot like todd only difference might be one or two more thunderstorms floatingu aroundnd in the afternoon. i so n we'll watch that. there could be a little fog overnight. so with those storms around, nothing is expected to be severe, but we will stay humid, so thiaminases any storms mayes have a the potential of droppinf good rain on your a
. investigators now are trying to figure out why it happened. >> new video from a texas car crash that may make you cringe. last friday a commuter bus slammed into four cars on a highway offramp in dallas. two people were injured in this crash. the bus driver is on administrative leave for failing to yield to traffic. >> and in ohio police say a three-car crash was caused by a wasp. a driver was spooked when she saw the wasp on her arm, swerved and overcorrected into oncoming traffic. six people are hurt including two children but are all expected to be okay. >>> another big story tonight, george zimmerman out on bond. this time the former neighborhood watchman has strict conditions. fox's phil keating has details. >> reporter: george zimmerman released from a florida jail for a second time. this comes just a day after a jung set his bond at 1 mill -- judge set his bond at $1 million. zimmerman is awaiting his second degree murder trial for killing trayvon martin, an unarmed black teenager. his attorney says zimmerman is not a threat. >> there's no concern in my mind he would flee. he's certai
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3